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Our Founder's
Ben Gattie's real estate experience started on Greene St in NYC's iconic SoHo district when it was still an eclectic and creative hub. As a fresh university graduate starting out in a boutique real estate firm, Ben witnessed the neighbourhood transformation that would later serve as the most relevant training ground for his own projects.

He took the training he had in New York, pounding the pavement, scoping out deals and bringing relevant brands and buzz-worthy activations into under-utilised and under-appreciated properties and applied this to his hometown landscape of Singapore. From there, he set out to identifying sleepy neighbourhood enclaves where he could be part of the revitalisation, create value, build brands and community and change the streetscape, one shophouse at a time.

From these cumulative experiences, Ben's focus has shifted towards the owner-operator model, seeing the potential and undeniable value of being able to think long-term and holistically.

Triple P is the culmination of Ben's learnings and journey - a launching pad to create meaningful impact, transform neighbourhoods and extract value for all stakeholders in a purposeful manner.
Our People
Collaboration is King.
We truly believe that there is no limit to what we can achieve, when we set out to do it TOGETHER.

Our network of partners has been a key factor in how we engage the communities we build, and support the brands that we house.

From community initiatives to programming, event partners and tenant networks - We are empowered by the amazing brands we work hand-in-hand with and aim to support them through an inspired space and experience.
As neighbourhood builders, our success is tied to the success of our partners and the synergy we create through our ecosystems
— Ben Gattie, Founder & CEO
Our ESG Approach
Adaptive Reuse
Sustainability is at the core of what we do and acts as a pillar of our business model. When it comes to Place & Purpose (2 of the 3 Ps we are named after) we examine and set out to preserve the historical integrity of the conservation properties we work with. Adaptive reuse is the most sustainable way we can operate as a boutique real estate firm. When we look at converting under-utilised assets into hubs for modern users, we never tear down and re-build. We work with what we have, repurpose and take a design-led, sustainability-focused approach to each project.
Supporting the Communities We Serve
Coming into new neighbourhoods means understanding the history, culture and needs of the existing community. This is key in order for us to gauge how to best engage and support the full spectrum of stakeholders we impact. Our Keong Saik case study has been a tremendous opportunity to dig into the neighbourhood, supporting the local community centre, the F&B establishments (especially during the Covid-19 pandemic), greening public spaces, and building our own community of members with the aim of doing good.
Practicing Good Governance
We know that it's not enough to talk the talk, but we must walk the walk. In 2020 we created checks and balances within our own organizations in order to ensure that best practices, accountability, transparency and overall good governance was at the core of how we run our operations. From vendor selection to employee policies, we are taking important steps towards becoming a best-in-class employer and company.
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Purpose-driven Investment Opportunities
Whether you are an institutional investor, a government agency, an aspiring shophouse owner or Family Office, we are always keen to meet like-minded people to discuss our projects, pipeline and upcoming funds.

If you fit the criteria below, or are interested in learning more about Triple P, please get in touch using the button below.
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